Sunday, 13 January 2008

The second week of January, and a request

Well, second week in Jan already hasn't the time flown. I was all geared up and enthusiastic last week with my shiny new blog and all, but I am getting increasingly discouraged as my Google Analytics tells me the only person reading my blog is me. And I know what it says!

Which brings me on to a rather philosophical question- if I am writing this blog in the knowledge that no one else is reading it, does that make me slightly unhinged or just an egotist? Or am I hoping a future reader will stumble across this blog and be so intrigued by my ramblings that they will scroll back through all the archives? Am I trying to add my own stamp on the world, that if nothing else, there will be this blog as a record of my time on the planet?

Of course not, because by the time I depart this mortal coil I will be a world renown author (snigger)

Talking of which, I finished my entry for the redbubble competition, and the piece, 'The Moment of Madness' can be accessed on the forum here If you have any plans to enter, you'd better hurry as you have a little under three hours to do so.

So, next week will entail trying to finalise a piece for the BBC Short Story competition, but at an 8000 word limit, and up against published pieces, this may be a tall order.

Finally a plea- if you ever do stumble across this page, PLEASE leave a comment, however small, so you can make your mark on me. Thank you.

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