Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A new beginning

Right, start again

Hello and welcome to the revamped(!) blog.

Aiming to be a bit different this time, I do intend to continue to cover and discuss writing stuff but I may also offer my own humble opinion on things going on in my world, and the world in general. Like the pitiful sentence handed out to the lorry driver that killed an entire family on the M6. Whilst I appreciate he didn't mean to kill them, surely the fact that he was using a laptop (albeit to see where he was) whilst driving at high speed is sufficient to constitute dangerous rather than careless driving. With a maximum jailtime of 18 months, that's just three months per life, and likely to be as low as two months each. Read the full story here.

And continuing the theme, the latest road safety speed kills advert is deadly. I had to cover my eyes the first time I saw it. It makes me want never to drive again. Let's hope it saves some lives. For those who haven't seen it, make sure you are sitting down and click the video link on this site.

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