Tuesday, 17 February 2009

New writing sites and news

Well, twice in one day. We are privileged!

Just thought I would note a great new site I've found (when I say new, the site isn't new, but it's new to me) Kudos Writing. Not only is it a great resource for writing competitions (I've noted a few down that end in Feb) but you can also submit to sister publication Orbis (follow the link on the main site). You can even join the Orbis facebook group.

Other things, well I thought I'd link to Jodee's Monday Markets on fwj to share the link love.

Also, I have entered the Leaf Books nano fiction competition (closed 31 January), keep your fingers crossed for me- results due March.

Finally, I have signed up for the Writer's Weekly 24 hour story-a-thon on 25th April. Writer's Weekly (run by Angela Hoy) is another great resource. I had better get updating my useful links :)

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